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Evolution vs God

Genius – The Movie

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The Welfare State and the Selfish Society

By Dennis Prager Tuesday, April 26, 2011 In the contemporary world, where left-wing attitudes are regarded as normative, it is a given that capitalism, with its free market and profit motive, emanates from and creates selfishness, while socialism, the welfare state and the “social compact,” as it is increasingly referred to, emanate from and […]

‘Seal my lips': No new Census

Americans look to flip off invasive federal questions

By Bob Unruh

A Texas congressman has been joined by nearly a dozen others in the U.S. House in an effort to push back against the invasive personal questions contained in the Census Bureau’s annual “American Community Survey.”

A bill to make […]

John the Baptist described as ‘really nice’

Child’s comment convinced parents of extraordinary experience

By Bob Unruh

A remark that Jesus’ cousin, whose name he couldn’t remember, “was really nice,” helped convince Todd Burpo that his son’s experience during a near-fatal illness was something beyond extraordinary.

In the new book “Heaven is for Real,” Todd and Sonja Burpo, along with […]

Deputies seek protection after threatening family

Claim ‘immunity’ for telling parents their children would be confiscated

By Bob Unruh

Several Maricopa County, Ariz., deputies are seeking protection from the courts after threatening to take children away from their parents because the homeschooling family was unwilling to allow social workers inside their home for an inspection based on an unsubstantiated anonymous rumor. […]

Christian foster parents vow to fight ruling by court on homosexuality

Owen and Eunice Johns

By zena hawley zhawley

A CHRISTIAN couple have vowed not to give up their fight to foster children, despite a High Court ruling which has made their views on homosexuality a bar to them becoming foster parents.

After the legal decision was announced in London yesterday, Eunice and Owen […]

Court case warns EPA could ‘own’ your land!

Petition to Supremes cites danger of ‘ruinous’ compliance order fines

By Bob Unruh

Mike and Chantell Sackett

A legal team asking the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in an Idaho controversy is warning landowners that under the compliance order procedures being used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency virtually anyone […]

Our nation is ‘at the tipping point’

By Richard Hanna

Saturday marks my “official” first month of representing you in the United States Congress.

But the work truly began just days after the November election, as I established three district offices in Utica, Auburn and Cortland and am working to open part-time offices in Oneonta and Norwich. In Utica, we moved the […]